Thoughtful Thursday #1

Inspired by Timothy Ferris’ 5-Bullet Friday where he lists 5 things he is keeping up on, I am going to list some things that I’m doing and thinking. I call the exercise Thoughtful Thursday.

Timothy Ferris is a best selling author and self-proclaimed human guinea pig. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I highly recommend checking out his blog here:

What I’m Learning: This week I’ve been focusing my efforts on improving my SQL skills. I completed SQL Server Performance Tuning part 1 last week and have been working my way through part 2 this week. I’ve learned a lot about the techniques used to improve both SQL server and SQL query performance. If you’re interested in learning about SQL server optimization and already know the basics, I recommend starting with this course from Udemy:

What I’m Watching: Lately I’ve been watching The Office on repeat. The antics of Michael Scott and company rarely get old to me. Although I love the show, I can’t say I love every episode. One of the episodes I regularly skip is Scott’s Tots. It is just too cringe…

What I’m Reading: I’ve been slowly working my way through Linear Regression And Correlation: A Beginner’s Guide. I am reading this as a way to prepare myself for the Data Analysis Boot Camp I’m attending through the University of Minnesota.

What I’m Eating: I ventured into the world of dried fruit this week! Historically, the only dried foods I’ve enjoyed are types of jerky. That is why I run However, I had some delicious dried strawberries yesterday and I think I’m hooked!  

What I’m Thinking: Why did I wait so long to try a kindle? I used to love books, but after I started using the kindle app on my ipad, I’ve been powering through books much easier than their paper equivalent. Coincidentally, today when I was looking through reddit, I came across this study which perfectly captures the reasons reading on a kindle is so much less intimidating than picking up the hardcover:

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