The Easiest Way to Host a Multi-page Dashboard using Python, Dash, and Linux for Beginners

One of the aspects I enjoy most about data analysis is sharing insights I find from the data. Creating a dashboard to share insights using Dash is easy if you know a little Python, but hosting an app can get a little tricky. I swear, my first time in a Linux server I probably spent more time figuring out how to troubleshoot errors than code the app! If you’re trying to break into a career in data, understanding how to host apps and dashboards gives you the ability to easily share a portfolio of projects to potential employers or clients.

Enter Analytics: From Boot Camp to working in Data Science

When researching boot camps online, there always seem to be a lot of mixed opinions. There are a lot of them out there, some more expensive than others, and they all have slightly different focuses while claiming they can churn out analysts, full stack devs, and/or data scientists in as little as 12 weeks. InContinue reading “Enter Analytics: From Boot Camp to working in Data Science”

Medium Articles

I’ve been writing articles on Medium. Check them out! Exploring Beef Jerky Data using Python My Trick to learning List Comprehensions in Python Pivoting your Data using Python, SQL or spreadsheets Analyzing Wine Descriptions using the Natural Language Tool Kit Web Scraping board game descriptions with Python Affordable options forContinue reading “Medium Articles”