Thoughtful Thursday # 2

Continuing the trend…

What I’m thinking about: I should be focusing more on my python skills. I will have to brush up using a few online tutorials before I start class.

What I’m working on: I have a few on-going projects. I started collecting more stock data for my financial model to assist me with options trades. I’ve been writing new SQL scripts to join and analyze the data. Reading more about machine learning has me pondering the features I’d include in my predictive model.

What I’m eating: Nothing healthy this week. I have a weakness for Double bacon butter burgers from Culvers. I get one almost every week. This will change when my work hours shift in a couple weeks. I will miss them!

What I’m Playing: I’ve been grinding away in Path of Exile’s Betrayal League. My main build this league has been Storm Brand. I love it!

What I’m changing: My sleep schedule is going to changing over the next week and it is going to be rough. I am a night owl; however, I’m a little excited to try being a morning person again. My life has changed a lot over the past three years, and maybe the mornings are where(when) I need to be.

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