Thoughtful Thursday #8

Back at it again with another Thoughtful Thursday. School has kept me busy and I’ve been writing some different stuff so I took a short break from them. For those who don’t remember/know, this practice is inspired by Timothy Ferris’ 5-Bullet Friday where he lists 5 things he is keeping up on.

Timothy Ferris is a best selling author and self-proclaimed human guinea pig. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I highly recommend checking out his blog here:

What I’m Doing: I’ve been extremely busy learning to analyze and visualize data using python. School has been going great so far! In previous blogs, I’ve posted things I’ve done for homework assignments.

What I’m Missing: Since I shifted my hours back to mornings, and since school is eating up all of my free time, I have put trading on the back burner and have barely touched the markets lately. Overall, I needed a break from it anyways so I can come back with fresh eyes. I am working on some pretty cool stuff for Project Edge, and I’ve been experimenting with API calls to my broker. I can’t wait to get back into the game!

What I’m Watching: I’ve been watching old Family Guy episodes lately. Even at 32, I love cartoons. I haven’t kept up with anything after season 9, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through seasons 1-9 especially 1-5… The golden years.

What I’m Excited About: DESSERT TASTING! I am going to taste cakes with Kristen this Sunday so we can decide what to serve at the wedding. Only six months away! Also, it is almost Rigby’s birthday! I can’t believe we’ve almost had him for a year. Time sure flies.

What I’m Eating: I’ve been cooking a lot of pasta lately. Kristen and I didn’t eat it for the longest time, but lately we’ve been indulging. As an adult, I love red sauce! If kid me could see me know… He’d be disgusted.

One more for good measure:

What I’m Pondering: Carl Icahn’s summary of Anti-Darwinism in Corporate America, lol: An Anti-Darwinian Corporate America [00:06:10]

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