Thoughtful Thursday #4

I’m back to the blogosphere… if that is still a thing. Happy Valentine’s day!

What I’m doing: I have been enjoying my last week of freedom before the Data Analysis coding camp begins. The new video game, Apex Legends has captivated me and my group of friends. It is great to play if you have a squad of friends to play with; otherwise, it can be a bit of a drag playing with random people. I am excited to see how the game evolves, and I’m already impressed by the impact it has had on EA’s stock price.

What I’m watching: True detectives season 3 has been phenomenal so far. If you have an HBO subscription and aren’t watching it, stop reading this right now and turn on episode 1. You will not be disappointed as long as you’re into that genre. Besides that, we finally got bored of the office and started reruns of New Girl. That show is hilarious.

What I’m reading: I’ve been reading a lot of blogs relating to Data Science in an effort to familiarize myself with some concepts and terminology before school begins. I’ve explored decision trees, linear regression, and gradient boosting models using python and sci-kit learn so far, and I can’t wait to learn more about the mathematics and methodologies used for analyzing data!

What I’m eating: We cooked up a big batch of pork fried rice over the weekend! We threw in lots of broccoli, peas, garlic, basil, egg, and diced pork. It turned out great! Thanks kikkoman!

What’s I’m lifting: I live in Minnesota and the amount of snow getting dumped on us this year is impressive. We haven’t had this much snow in a long time so I should really dust off my skis and hit the hills! Shoveling along with a light kettle-bell workout is all I’ve needed to keep my muscles sore.

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