Thoughtful Thursday #5

What I’m thinking: Since we have had a ton of snow this February, I’ve been thinking about my shovel technique. I think the best way to shovel a driveway is to start down the middle vertically. Then, horizontally push the snow closer to the banks of the driveway until you’re close enough to throw the snow far enough to prevent high snow banks. Shovel every 2.5-3 inches for the easiest time. Beyond that it becomes too much to push horizontally and gets heavy.

What I’m doing: I started school! We got our first assignment: Analyze 4000+ kickstarter records to identify 3 trends. So far, class is fun. I think the teacher has done a great job, and the cohort seems like a diverse group of bright people. I can’t wait to see how the class evolves.

What I’m listening to: My coworker turned me on to Denzel Curry (rap). I like a few of the tracks, but I’ll have to give it another listen before I can recommend any tracks. I’ve been listening to his albums on Spotify.

What I’m eating: I started eating a lot of nuts again. I prefer the Raw Unsalted mix nuts from target since it has a good variety! The pistachios are always soft.

What I’m watching: I discovered Hulu has Boston Legal! I used to watch that show with my mom when it first aired. I remember some of the episodes so far, but we’re still in season 1. I can’t wait to finally know how the series ends!

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