Thoughtful Thursday #7

Another thoughtful Thursday coming to you Saturday. Thursday has become homework day since I’m back in school, so I have less time to pump these out on those days. Even so, I’m still sticking with the title…

What I’m playing: The new league in Path of Exile dropped on Friday. I wish I had more time to play it! It seems pretty fun. I just hope the end game more rewarding than the last league. The new boss fights in the previews were really cool looking, so hopefully they aren’t going to be too rare, but it is GGG, so they I won’t hold my breath… Anyone unfamiliar, Path of Exile is a completely free to play action rpg. I’ve been playing it for 6 years. I can’t recommend it enough!

What I’m thinking: We got our 3rd homework assignment today! It is writing a couple python scripts to analyze some finical and polling data. My start to this assignment is going much smoother than the last one! Hopefully that means I’m thinking more algorithmically. I’ve worked in python a little bit before the class, so not everything was brand new. I can’t wait until we start working with Pandas and matplotlib!

What I’m eating: I’ve been making ranch wraps with bacon crusted turkey, shredded cheese, tomato, oregano, and a pinch of Lowry’s salt. They are delicious hot or cold. I’ve been bringing them to class with me in my new Titan lunch cooler.

What I’m watching: We’ve had Friends replaying in the background still. I think we’re both about sick of it though. I had a good laugh when Chandler gets a new laptop and is bragging about the 12mb of ram, built in spreadsheet capabilities, and 500mb hard drive it has. Our phones blow that away these days, let alone my gaming computers, hahaha.

What I’m missing: I miss trading. Being in school and working the morning shift leaves little time for me to keep up with the markets. I’ll be back on the grind eventually, but I definitely don’t need any more stress in my life, especially with a wedding around the corner.

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